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RTA truck solution for Galston Gorge a folly

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RTA plans for a roundabout on Galston Rd would be a waste of money and cause more problems than it would fix, according to Galston resident Tony Martin.

The RTA sent a letter to Mr Martin in December explaining plans for a roundabout and truck barrier at the intersection of Galston and Calderwood roads to stop trucks getting stuck in Galston Gorge.

Mr Martin said the road did not have traffic flow problems and the noise associated with a roundabout would simply be a nuisance.

“We get about one truck every eight months coming through here,” he said.

“Roundabouts are not the answer for everything - they are the flavour of the month.”

The problem, such as it is, could be solved by installing more prominent signs warning trucks not to go down the road.

“They have the signs near the top of the street but you can’t see them well,” he said.

Mr Martin said if the RTA had to put a roundabout on Galston Rd it should be built up the top of the street at Crosslands Rd.

“That would stop the trucks coming down the road in the first place,” he said.

Mr Martin said he was one of only a few surrounding residents who were notified of the plans.

“(But) everyone should know what’s being proposed before it’s done,” Mr Martin said. “This has much further impacts than just people living within 50m. It will impact all the travelling public.”

An RTA spokesman said the authority was looking at several options to improve safety and traffic at Galston Gorge. “Options being considered include signs, traffic monitoring cameras, increased fines and the introduction of demerit points for over-length vehicles,” he said. He said a review of environmental factors would be released for community comment early this year.

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