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Quick-thinking truckie prevents major fire emergency in semi-trailer explosion

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A quick-thinking truck driver in Sydney's south-west has helped reduce the potentially calamitous damages caused when his b-double trailer exploded at a road stop.
The truck, loaded with aerosol spray cans, had stopped at Uncle Leo's Roadhouse petrol station in Glenfield when the driver stepped out of the vehicle's cab to fill it up with diesel petrol.
A worker at the station then raised the alarm with the driver that there was smoke pouring from the trailer itself.

CCTV vision shows the truckie jumping back into the vehicle to reverse it away from the fuel bowsers nearby, and then unhooking the trailer before making a quick escape.
"Those aerosol cans might have been a couple of cans of hairspray or whatever. They exploded and it just blew everything apart," Uncle Leo's owner, Joe Prestia, told 9News.
"Tyres were rolling down the road and on the grass."

"Fire and service stations don't mix, so the further away the better," James Davies from Liverpool Fire Station said.

"That's certainly adding one less hassle for us in terms of being able to focus on fighting the fire at the semi-trailer and so rather than worry about fire spreads."
Incredibly, the driver went straight back to his base depot after the explosion to collect a new trailer and then continued on his 20-hour journey to South Australia.

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