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Truckie Rene loves North Queensland

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Rene Huwiler on arrival at Georgetown with his load.6 and 8: Rene Huwiler at home near his truck.

Rene Huwiler on arrival at Georgetown with his load.6 and 8: Rene Huwiler at home near his truck


AN amazing coincidence is an apt description of how we met up with Townsville truckie Rene Huwiler as he was preparing to transport an Ergon Energy Iveco to far away Georgetown.

Of Swiss and Dutch descent, the 45-year-old Rene drives an Isuzu for local company Aitkenvale Towing Service and he lives in a quite part of Cranbrook suburb near the fresh water section of Ross River.

Rene said Georgetown which is the gateway to the Gulf of Carpentaria and needed repairs.

“It had engine problems and was sent to Townsville as there was no local Georgetown mechanic who could fix it.”

A tall truckie at a height of 196cm, Rene loves working for Aitkenvale Towing Service.

“It is a family company and I have been a truckie on and off for 17 years,” he said.

Rene gets to travel around North Queensland and likes stopping off at the Bowen Caltex Roadhouse when down south. As for roads, Rene said the one between Mount Surprise and Georgetown was rough in places.

“Also the Flinders Highway out past Richmond is not the best,” he said.

While Rene feels more truckie friendly rest areas are required, he did single out one for praise.

“The upgraded rests area at Francis Creek near Ingham is good now. It was completely upgraded,” he said.

At certain times there is a Driver Reviver in operation there which is appreciated by truckies.

Outside work Rene enjoys fishing and camping and has an outboard motor powered dinghy in his back yard.

Rene said COVID-19 had affected the towing industry.

“With less cars on the road there aren’t as many smashes or break downs,” he said.

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