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Scania incentivises new vehicle acquisitions to help cash strapped customers

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Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Scania, has announced a series of offers around its New Truck Generation range as it looks to combat the negative impacts of the coronavirus crisis.

Customers ordering selected short lead time vehicles before 30 September 2020 and taking delivery before 31 December 2020 will be able to take advantage of a range of new sales initiatives, specially formulated to ease the burden of operating trucks in the current economic climate.

Scania anticipates the offers will help maximise the financial advantage of the federal government’s stimulus package in the short term in accordance with Backing Business Investment (BBI).

It includes the instant asset write-off or 50 per cent accelerated depreciation for investment programs where applicable and presently scheduled to terminate on 30 June 2021.

“Scania is proactively reaching out to truck buyers and offering them solutions for new vehicle acquisition and pain-free servicing designed to maximise uptime and cash-flow especially during challenging times,” said Dean Dal Santo, Scania Australia Director of Sales.

“We understand that increased cost pressures brought to bear by the coronavirus crisis require urgent action. Working in conjunction with Scania Finance Australia (SFA), we have developed the initiatives targeting selected short lead time vehicle purchases. This program has been designed to have immediate impact, making it possible for operators to renew their fleet or continue with planned fleet replacements as well as maintain the vehicles in prime condition," he said.

Dal Santo added, “One of the motivators was the further tightening of lending criteria by the major financial institutions which may make it unduly onerous for some customers to be able to complete a much-needed purchase. So Scania has expanded its already well received ‘low doc’ loan programme. We also promise a fast decision on a loan request, again to reduce the pressure on customers keen to get on the road in a new truck.”

The first action has been to increase the loan limit for existing customers of SFA to $750,000, or $500,000 for customers new to SFA (subject to SFA credit criteria, conditions apply).

“In addition to this Scania is offering a limited period of six months of interest-only payments for the vehicle and also a deferred payment offer for repair and maintenance agreements on these selected new vehicles according to Dal Santo.

“These are carefully considered offers aimed at ensuring customers who may be looking at restricted cashflow for reasons completely outside their control, can continue to function with a higher degree of normality than they may have thought possible," he said.

“Scania’s network of nine company-owned workshops and parts branches across Australia ensures we remain closely aligned with our customers’ uptime focus and despite the impact of the coronavirus across Australian business, we have maintained full capacity at our branches,” said Dal Santo.

“Our technicians, parts advisers, warehouse staff and account managers have all been and continue to be available as usual to ensure we support our customers when they need it most.

“No other original equipment supplier is offering such incentives, and because SFA is offering assistance at commercial rates, customers do not have to rely on third-party lenders who may charge interest significantly above the going rate.

Dal Santo said Scania took pride in focusing on its customers when times got tough.

“That’s why we’ve tailored our offerings for the only businesses that matter: Those of our customers,’" he said.

“Scania is able to leverage the advantage of an in-house finance arm in order to provide an industry-leading structured payment offering, and the actions we have taken underline our commitment to support our customers in good times, and bad.”

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