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VIDEO: How do you transport a giraffe 3,403km?

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THE NHVR processes more than 60,000 access permits every year but not all are carrying cargo as precious as Kamili the giraffe, who on Friday completed the trip from Perth to Melbourne.

NHVR Program Director Annette Finch said that the NHVR had supported Melbourne-based operator L Arthur Transport Services to get the oversize, overmass access arrangements in place to ensure Kamili's safety on the 3400km journey.

"Kamili was born last year at Perth Zoo and is headed to Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand, via the Port of Melbourne, and we've been working to make this trip as safe as possible," Ms Finch said.

"Despite being only one-and-a half, Kamili is already too tall to be able to be moved in a conventional heavy vehicle.

"Instead, she is moving in a specially designed enclosure and travelling under a permit on a prime mover with a total height of almost five metres, via a route carefully planned to avoid low bridges, powerlines and other potential obstacles.

"The word from the road is that Kamili managed the journey well, supported by specialist vets and saying meeting a few curious onlookers along the way.

"While, it's certainly the longest giraffe movement we've supported, it's not the first, with NHVR access staff helping to move two other giraffes this year.

"It's great to be able to be able to play a small part in the conservation of this majestic species."

The NHVR coordinates access permits for Restricted Access Vehicles, including this oversize overmass permit for L Arthur Transport Services, which is transporting on behalf of Perth Zoo and Powerhouse Logistics.

The NHVR is currently undertaking improvements made through implementing the recommendations of the Commonwealth Government's Review of Oversize Overmass (OSOM) Access Arrangements.

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