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First Outing for a B-quad

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An event in Forbes NSW will see the first outing for a B-quad, when the newly approved combination will be on demonstration as part of the Forbes Harvest Field Day and PBS Vehicle Demonstration. This will be a chance to see an array of the innovative combinations possible under the Performance Based Standards scheme.

Stakeholders, transport companies, agricultural machinery retailers, farmers, local businesses, Councillors and Council staff are all being invited to attend the 2018 ‘Be Road Ready For Harvest’ Field Day/PBS Vehicle Demonstration on Wednesday August 8 at the Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange.

Star of the show will be the Rocky Lamattina and Sons’ B-quad, which was approved in recent weeks by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. There will also be three A-doubles, one at 26 metres and two at 30 metres, one running as a tipper and the other with container skels.

Two Ron Finemore trucks will also strut their stuff. They are 26 metre B-double running at 4.6 metres in overall height and a triaxle semi running at 20 metres overall length. There will also be two truck and dog combinations with four and five axle dog trailers from Boral and Andy McGinnes.

The PBS Vehicle Demonstration which commences at 12.30pm after a BBQ lunch will include a presentation, a moving display and an inspection of the vehicles, providing an opportunity for council representatives to discuss the heavy vehicle needs of the local economies with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the transport operators that use these vehicles.

Visitors will be able to see these vehicles in action and speak with the operators of these vehicles to see what difference they could make. Importantly, lunch is provided.

If there is one question which needs to be asked, perhaps it is whether the B-quad is the solution to all of those unused lead trailers sitting unused in transport yards when business is quiet.

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