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The next stop: TEXTAR

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Consistent and predictable performance makes TEXTAR brake friction a safe choice for today’s commercial vehicle operators.

Congestion in Australian cities is a mounting challenge for logistics companies as they attempt to meet the demands of a burgeoning freight task while navigating increasingly busy roads.

Driving in congested traffic means more starting, idling and stopping on crowded arterial routes which also increases the likelihood of a collision. Figures released as part of a report by the National Truck Accident Research Centre indicate that in multi-vehicle accidents, a third-party vehicle is at fault nearly 83 per cent of the time.

Braking comes under greater scrutiny in conditions such as these, with the statistics highlighting the importance of using premium friction components such as TEXTAR, a brand which is developed and engineered by TMD Friction to provide consistently high levels of performance at every stop.

TMD Friction is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brake friction products with an extensive Original Equipment program that supplies friction components to vehicle manufacturers worldwide. More than 70 per cent of European commercial vehicles roll off production lines with TEXTAR brake pads manufactured at TMD Friction’s German production facilities.

The TEXTAR range of disc brake pads and drum brake linings feature application-specific friction materials developed to meet the individual requirements of the vehicle’s braking system. These are engineered to provide the optimum combination of performance, comfort and service-life. TMD Friction’s flagship brand is also at the forefront of braking technology: cutting-edge mechanical bonding methods are used to secure the friction material to the backing plate to improve safety and a new, and highly innovative, ‘lightweight brake pad’ features a thinner and 30 per cent lighter backing plate to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, resulting in fuel savings and an improvement in carbon emissions.

Developed using advanced metallurgy and manufactured to precise tolerances, TEXTAR brake discs provide exceptional performance even at high temperatures. For optimum performance and longevity, TMD Friction recommends, according to Jigar Patel, HELLA Australia’s Product Manager – Brakes, that the vehicle’s brake pads and brake discs are replaced at the same time.

“Old discs may have some wear patterns, such as cracks or grooves directly relating to an old brake pad,” he says. “When you change the brake pad and not the disc, these cracks and grooves will start scraping the friction material off the new brake pad, so the wear rate would be much faster compared with a new brake pad and disc combination. If the driver of a truck has brand new discs and pads, the bedding-in process will also be much faster”.

Matching brake pads and brake discs also prevents hairline cracks appearing in the brake disc, which can form after a few hard-braking incidents and become deeper with each braking action. Once these deep cracks become present in the surface of the brake disc, the braking system can become compromised, putting the driver at risk in any situation that requires sudden or prompt braking or even lead to sudden brake failure which, in the case of heavy commercial vehicles, can have catastrophic consequences. Replacing worn brake pads and discs with TEXTAR at the same service interval ensures levels of performance and safety consistent with the original equipment parts, and long service life.

A new brake disc for Volvo’s FH12 is the latest addition to the TEXTAR range, enabling fleets running this popular model to fit matching TEXTAR brake pads and discs, and benefit from the advantages of Original Equipment quality.

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