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Time to retire dirty trucks: Scania boss

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Launching its new Compressed Natural Gas commercial vehicle, a P 340 rigid, Scania Managing Director Mikael Jansson said it was time for Australian operators to make a statement on trucks that fell below a Euro 4 engine emissions rating.

Speaking on the eve of the federal election, Jansson said it was time for operators to decline use of these vehicles in densely populated areas.

"Old, dirty trucks should not be retired into the city," he said. "They should be pensioned off, for good."

"We can no longer turn a blind eye to their continual emission of dirty fumes and excessive Co2 where our children walk and play."

Along with the P 340 CNG rigid, Scania unveiled another P 280 rigid with a 7.0 litre diesel engine as alternative offerings aimed at improving business sustainability.

Jansson said both vehicles would reduce running costs, fuel consumption and emissions as compelling options for operators committed to Total Operating Economy.

The gas truck, developed specifically for urban distribution, reduces Co2 by up to 90 per cent according to Scania while the new 7.0-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine, fitted to the low entry P-series cab, is 360 kg lighter over the front axle.

According to Jansson, a safe, fuel-efficient truck that is sold and serviced by a factory-owned operation will have appeal in the medium duty section of the market Scania does not nominally compete in.

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