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9 tips from a truckie to a caravan driver

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DURING this time of the year, there's always a bit of contention between truckies and caravan drivers.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Most caravan drivers are mindful that truckies are out working for a living while out on the roads while they're exploring the country, but there are times that truckies and caravanners have issues.

So, to help clear things up a bit, truckie Tony Fulton shared a few tips that would help keep everyone happy this holiday period.

1. Keep to the left lane in cities and stay patient

2. Service check tyres, lights etc prior to trip

3. On single lane highways, when on overtaking lanes slow right down to allow built up traffic to pass. (If you're not so experienced in towing, tick to 80 to 90km)

4. Going down hills, the weight of the caravan will push you. So ensure the caravan brakes are working harder than your car. I'd suggest going slower to keep control.

5. Think of trucks and others in rest areas. Get right out of the way for their benefit and yours. Trucks will be trying to pull up around the midnight mark.

6. Plan and study your trip prior to leaving. Don't just trust Google Maps because some navigation can be wrong sometimes.

7. Drive when you're normally awake, your body likes routine so try not to upset your sleeping pattern.

8. With the extra weight your vehicle is towing, it'll run hotter. Keep an eye on that temp gauge and drive accordingly.

9. Communication is key - truckies are on the UHF CH40 on all highways, except the Pacific Highway where they are on CH29.

And one tip for the truckies: "Getting too close to caravans can actually force air forward and can potentially create speed wobbles for the car/caravan," Tony said.

Safe driving this Christmas and New Years period everyone!

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