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Industry abuzz on reports Redstar hits wall

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Allied Express statement sounds alarm bells; TWU says it is investigating

Industry abuzz on reports Redstar hits wall
Reports indicate Redstar Transport has hit financial difficulty

Reports suggest that Redstar Transport has entered into liquidation following a recent statement from courier service Allied Express.

In response, Linfox and Toll amongst others have made pitches to Redstar drivers.

"Linfox has agreed to offer employment opportunities to Redstar workers who may be impacted should the company enter administration and we’re encouraging workers to apply for current vacancies within Linfox and to register for future roles," a Linfox spokesperson tells ATN.

Toll is offering employment opportunities to Redstar drivers, that company confirms.

"We are running a special recruitment process to help drivers get on board quickly," a Toll spokesperson tells ATN.

"Drivers interested in exploring opportunities can contact Toll to call 1800 069 726."

The company is also seeking to approach drivers directly through a recruitment campaign entitled Get Back On The Road With Toll

"We know you are highly skilled professionals who take great pride in what you do, and have the discipline and attitude that makes a great driver," its communication reads.

"Our team is ready to get affected Redstar Transport employees back behind the wheel before Christmas."

The Allied Express note states: "We wanted to advise you that one of our linehaul carriers, Redstar, have just gone into liquidation late this afternoon.

"Obviously this is a difficult situation, and will affect our ability to move freight to a number of legs tonight, and until we are able to source alternatives.

"We have strong industry connections, and understand that this is a peak trading time for our customers.

"You can be assured that we are working as hard as we can to put in place alternatives as quickly as possible.

"We appreciate your support and understanding."

TWU response

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) responded by saying it is investigating claims of "drivers being told to return their loads to the nearest depot and interstate drivers being repatriated to their homes.

"The TWU has also been informed that other transport operators have been instructed to cease contracting work to Redstar Transport."

TWU national assistant secretary Nick McIntosh expresses the union concern that company workers are facing such reports so close to Christmas and the need for them to have certainty on such matters.

The TWU adds it has received a commitment from Toll to provide job opportunities for Redstar Transport workers, and that Linfox and ACFS have also agreed to take on a number of workers.

ATN has sought contact with Redstar management in response to the situation.

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