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First Scania R 650 V8 arrives in Tasmania

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An SRT Logistics subcontractor in Tasmania has taken delivery of the first Scania R 650 Euro 6 V8 as part of the commercial vehicle manufacturer’s New Truck Generation range.

A long time Scania enthusiast, Cameron Cooper, who works linehaul for SRT Logistics from Devonport, where he is based, took delivery of the R 650 V8 last week.

The R 650, according to Cooper, is coming into its own with harnessing the improved torque delivery on the often hilly terrain he encounters.

It’s the second Scania he has purchased having successfully operated an R 730 V8 for the last four years in which he accumulated 715,000 kilometres. The 730 impressed with its power range.

The new truck offers excellent fuel-efficiency and the spacious flat floor NTG S-cab has been a revelation given Cooper spends up to 15 hours a day, most days behind the wheel.

“It’s a totally different truck with big improvements noise-wise and comfort-wise,” he said.

“It’s very quiet. I’m pretty happy with it so far, having only been in it a week.”

South Australian company Ceravolo Orchards took order of the first 650 horsepower Euro 6 rated V8 to arrive in the country recently with a New Truck Generation Scania S 650.

As SRT Logistics is contracted to Woolworths, Cooper is running BWS product into Hobart. On the return journey he carries fresh produce and general freight. The drive has been further enhanced by a smoother gearbox

The Scania R 650 pulls a single trailer and is occasionally used in B-double application.

“The new V8 sounds great. They’ve put a bit of work into the engine and it really purrs now. They’ve improved the exhaust system. It’s only a minor thing but it sounds good.”

The Scania Euro 6 V8 range comprises 520 hp, 580 hp, 650 hp and the king of the road 730 hp engine outputs. The range also includes 520 hp and 620 hp Euro 5 emission versions as well.

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