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Viva Energy innovates bulk delivery Omega System

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Multiple orders for bulk fuel customers and carriers are likely to be transformed according to Viva Energy after the petrol and diesel distributor made improvements to its loading gantry systems which are being rolled out across its refinery and terminals.

The ‘Close Load at Bay’ function reportedly makes the time consuming logistical process safer and more efficient following upgrades made to its Geelong Distribution Gantry where its Omega system now enables customers to load multiple orders at the same bay.

The system previously lacked the ability to recognise when a fuel compartment had already been filled.

“It was the reason why we wouldn’t allow customers to do multiple orders at once,” said John Begg, Truck Loading Gantry Operator, who worked on the development of the feature that he claims provides greater flexibility for bulk customers and carriers.

“Now, if the driver mistakenly pushes that compartment again, it just won’t allow him to load it.”

This will eliminate incidents in which a driver might reconnect the gantry arm to a loaded fuel compartment reducing spills and the mixing of products.

‘Close Load at Bay’ prevents such issues by locking a previously loaded compartment after recognising it is filled to capacity.

The driver can load multiple orders without having to leave the bay once the correct prompts have been given by Omega.

“If multiple orders were to be loaded without a system like this in place, apart from it being very time consuming – loading, driving out, tagging off, going back into the bay and loading again – I believe it’s a method for something to go wrong.”

“What we’ve got is safer. Plus, if the volume is available customers can come in when it suits them to pick up an open order – they don’t have to submit details to the Order Fulfilment Team to have the load scheduled.”

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