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Who is the world's best all-round truck driver?

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Volvo Drivers Challenge

Volvo Drivers Challenge

WHO will claim the title of the world's best all-round truck driver?

This was the question asked at the world final of the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2018 that took place in Gothenburg on September 13-14th.

The competition, which this year involved more challenges than ever before, attracted professional drivers from 33 countries.

The winner was Piotr Krahel from Poland.

"The Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge brings together all the different challenges that truck drivers face every day," said Volvo Trucks SVP Brand marketing and communication's Maria Bergving.

"Their skills are often the decisive factor in the productivity and profitability of our customers.

"Drivers also make a major contribution to road safety. The final gave us the opportunity to see incredibly skilful drivers doing an impressive job of handling their trucks."

The competition took place for the sixth time and this year it focused on three areas: fuel efficiency, productivity and safety.

"The drivers competing for the title achieved excellent performances in each area. They showed that it is possible to have a highly fuel-efficient driving style, deliver a fragile load quickly in good condition and, at the same time, follow the road safety regulations to the letter."

The aim of the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge is to draw attention to the important work done by truck drivers.

It is also a way of attracting young people to the job, which offers good career opportunities.

The logistics and transport industry is constantly growing and there is now a shortage of trained drivers all over the world.

"To help our customers to recruit and retain skilled drivers, we have been focusing for many years on the design of the driver's environment and the drivability of our trucks," said Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge project manager Lene Larsen.

"Driver support systems, which make it easier for drivers to manoeuvre trucks safely, and driver training covering everything from handling trucks to a fuel-efficient driving style are other examples of how we help drivers to do a first-class job and to grow and develop."

"Winning the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge is a big achievement for me! The final was really tough and I was up against a lot of very experienced drivers. I'm impressed that Volvo Trucks stages this motivational event which attracts so many drivers from all over the world," said Piotr Krahel.

Australia was represented at the Challenge by Phillip Crowe of Total Concrete Solutions.

"This was my first time out of Australia and it was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge, and particularly like the focus it puts on professional and fuel-efficient driving," he said. 

"It is extremely important to have training from the very beginning to allow drivers to start off on the right foot. There is not enough professionalism in the industry these days. There needs to be a cultural change and a focus on long-term skills development.

"The right kind of attitude can accomplish anything, and the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge is a great initiative to demonstrate how much a difference that attitude can make to professional driving."

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