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TRUCK DRIVER LICENSING: 'It's an insult and must be fixed'

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ATA CEO: Ben Maguire says the funding for regional codes will help ATA's TruckSafe program.

ATA CEO: Ben Maguire says the funding for regional codes will help ATA's TruckSafe program.

TRUCK driver licensing is an insult to Australia's expert, hard-working truck drivers and must be fixed, Australian Trucking Association CEO Ben Maguire said.

Mr Maguire was responding to the results of an independent review of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework. The review was published this month.

Christian Hargreaves: "Make all heavy vehicle licences be done with a fully manual road ranger. You will get rid of anyone who doesn't have mechanical aptitude. And you will straight away fix majority of the issues.”

Stephen Johnston: "Totally agree they should only be tested in a manual box. At least it would give some understanding of what they are doing but be careful not to bog it down with red tape. It's the paperwork they don't like.”

Max Kent: "They should bring back mandatory apprenticeships by registered transport companies, not training companies. This training scheme is just like others, it's just throwing money to their mates.

"We only have to look at the WA debacle to see that.

"The only way to improve the quality of young drivers is to pay a fair wage for a fair day's work. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

"The reason the trucking industry has such a bad name is that it needs fixing, not over regulation.

"This sponsored training system doesn't work as it is structured to pay for numbers, not education.”

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