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Truck Driver of the Year

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The awarding of the Truck Driver of the Year honour to, Boral driver, Barry Fitzgerald sees another responsible, safe, hard working, productive and professional truck driver get an accolade for all of those years of hard work and going above and beyond just getting the job done. He was presented with his award any the recent Trucking Australia 2018 in Canberra.

Barry has been driving trucks for more than 45 years and has spent the last 25 with Boral Logistics, during which he has kept an unblemished professional record. In his time at Boral Logistics, he was as a member of the Safety Committee for 20 years and was a drivers’ representative on Boral’s Enterprise Bargaining Committee for 16 years.

Dedicated to safety and the education of drivers, Barry has produced training videos, assessed new driver applicants, and has been a key contributor to Boral Logistics’ journey to becoming a leader in workplace health and safety.

Truck Driver of the Year

How many other Barrys are there out there? The answer is we don’t know. Barry is lucky enough to work for an employer which appreciates the efforts of its drivers to do the right thing. The company culture is one which encourages its people to go outside the bounds of their straight forward job description and try to improve outcomes for everyone in the industry.

Where are the awards for al of the other responsible, safe, hard working, productive and professional truck drivers who work for other trucking operations? We don’t know, there are thousands of unsung heroes out there on the highway, those of us who have spent time working on the road in a truck can testify to meeting them on a regular basis.

Truck Driver of the Year

They are never going to receive an award for their good work, because their work goes unrecognised at home, or they like to keep the sort of thing they do quiet. If they are reading this, the work they have done is appreciated and lets’s imagine they get a little piece of Barry’s award every year.

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