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HOT TOPICS: Driver clocked speeding at 132km/h

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ON THE ROAD: Driver clocked going 132km/h.

ON THE ROAD: Driver clocked going 132km/h.

A YOUNG driver blamed his actions on the downhill descent after he was caught travelling at 30km/h over the 100km/h speed limit.

The 20-year-old, who was driving a B-double, was stopped by the Mittagong Highway Police patrol, who were conducting speed enforcement on the Hume as part of operation Safe Arrival 2017.

Big Rigs readers slammed his behaviour.

Chris Cartwright: "Good thing he's not my employee.... cos he wouldn't be after that...

If he can't maintain his speed, he's not checking the dash too much, and if he's not scanning his instruments, he has no idea if he's lost oil pressure, air pressure (until the brakes come on) which makes him a liability to any maintenance regime that's in place....”

Joanne Heather: "It really disturbs me that a 20 year old is in control of a truck, that is obviously way too advanced for his reckless actions. Thank heavens he might/will be pulled from our roads. The industry doesn't need people like him, within their Industry..”

Bradley White: "All trucks have a brake pedal and other features such as engine brakes etc. No sympathy.”

Caleb Bryce: "Sounds like a bit of a cowboy. And has made it just a little bit more harder for us younger blokes in the process.”

Robbie Rowley: "Brake pedal might have made a difference do the crime do the time need to we all know how hot that area can be.”

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