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Adopt a Truckie this Christmas

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A snow covered cottage below the Hansen's verandah is another feature of their Christmas display.

A snow covered cottage below the Hansen's verandah is another feature of their Christmas display.


IMAGINE it being one of the most special days of the year, and waking up alone, with hundreds of kilometres to drive before you get home to your family.

That's the reality for all of the Aussie truckies who will be working this Christmas Day.

Unlike others around the country who will be working shifts during the holiday period, they don't get to finish their shift and go straight home.

So, in the spirit of spreading some good, old fashioned Christmas cheer, the Facebook community "Adopt a Truckie" was born.

At the helm was a truckie's wife, Julie Duncan, who knew firsthand what truckies and their families went through at Christmas time.

The group has been running for three years now, she said.

"It's for anyone who would like to invite a truckie that might be parked around them for the holidays to come for Christmas lunch or spend a couple of days or whatever," she told Big Rigs.

"Every year it's good, we get a lot of people volunteer their homes. They usually put where they are, if they can pick them up - from a nearby roadhouse or whatever, if there's room for them to stay the night of if they want to do some washing.

"Different people offer different types of things. Some just invite them to come and hang out with the family and the kids."

She said while not many truckies took up the offers, it was more about letting them know people cared.

"I hate to think they're sitting out on the road alone, a lot of them don't have a home to go to, they choose to live out of their truck whatever the reason, they find it cost effective or they don't have family.

"I hate the thought of them being out there on their own for Christmas.

"If you can invite one or two into your home to spend Christmas Day, do it. Sometimes the only people they talk to are the console operators at the servo when they go into buy fuel or whatever, maybe other truckies."

Julie also suggested, if you're on the road yourself, pulled up in your car or caravan and see a truckie parked alone, go over and say hello.

"If you feel inclined, go over and say Merry Christmas, if you've got children ask the truckie if the kids can go have a look.

"Nine out of 10 are chuffed to have someone else check out their pretty truck."

Julie said that most people have never thought about truckies spending Christmas alone.

"They miss so much, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries," she said.

"They choose to do this job and the job quite often takes them away from home at special times of the year that the rest of us, the rest of you, take for granted.

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