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Alleged drug driver caught using vice grips for brakes on highway

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An alleged drug driver has been caught by police driving a truck with pliers clamped on its brakes in Adelaide this morning.

Police made the shocking discovery just before 6am, after detecting the truck travelling down the South Eastern Freeway at 90km/h.

Stopping the heavily-loaded truck to check its weight, officers instead found the rear brakes clamped off with vice grip pliers and the front brakes completely inoperable.

The truck was immediately defected and seized by police for further examination, with the driver now facing serious charges.

Trucking industry leaders have slammed the driver’s behaviour given the history of the South Eastern Freeway, which has been the scene of numerous serious and deadly crashes involving heavy vehicles.

The South Australian Road Transport Association described the act as “just mind-numbingly stupid.”

“Even if they were trying to save money, nobody would be dumb enough to deactivate their brakes,” Executive Officer Steve Shearer told 9NEWS.

“That is grossly irresponsible, downright dangerous for whoever is driving the vehicle and everyone else on the road.”

The 37-year-old driver from Campbelltown has so far only been reported for acts to endanger life, but police have also alleged he tested positive to methamphetamine.

The accused is set to face court at a later date.

Source of article click here : 9 NEWS



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