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Freight efficiency key to Western Sydney Airport

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The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) says freight movements will be the most critical component of the new Western Sydney Airport.

“Australia’s large and rising national freight task includes significant growth in the air freight sector and so it is imperative Sydney’s next airport is planned and built in such a way that accommodates expected future freight flows,” said Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director.

“According to the 2013 Aviation White Paper, air freight volumes are expected to double by 2025 while the NSW Government predicts Sydney Airport will deal with more than 1.5 million tonnes of cargo each year by the 2035 - up from 650,000 tonnes in 2012.

“It is therefore imperative that a second Sydney airport, which has been identified by Infrastructure Australia in its Infrastructure Priority List as a High Priority Initiative, is established in the most efficient manner possible to share this growth in traffic.

“In a practical infrastructure sense, this means appropriate land preservation to construct future logistics facilities and infrastructure links when they are required.

“And from an operations perspective, Badgerys Creek airport has to be a curfew-free airport. We cannot afford restrictions to be placed on the airport that inhibit the efficient movement of freight.

Kilgariff added. “The ALC 2016 election priorities document ‘Getting the Supply Chain Right’ and video ‘Now is the time To Get the Supply Chain Right’ highlighted the critical role air freight will play in the future supporting more efficient freight movements.

“And with the Government recently confirming the development of a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, today’s confirmation is a timely step to ensure air freight capacity is appropriately recognised in Australia’s national supply chains.

“We congratulate Minister Fletcher on today’s important announcement and look forward to engaging with the State and Federal Government to ensure the airport can contribute to improved freight efficiency in Australia.”

Source of article click here: Prime Mover

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