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Truckie not so sure about this new rest area

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TRUCKIES are screaming out for more rest areas, but at one driver isn't so sure about the new heavy vehicle haven that opened up on the Gateway Motorway in the Brisbane suburb of Nudgee.

Outspoken interstate truckie Trevor Warner, who runs the Facebook site The Drivers' Advocate, told Big Rigs that the designated parking spaces for trucks at the new $2.7 million stop aren't big enough.

"Typically, I drive a 26-metre vehicle and we need a reasonable amount of swing to enter each parking bay and to get out," said Trevor.

He said the situation brought up a few issues - if drivers were able to get their trucks inside the rest area, depending on how many trucks were already parked inside and where, they might not be able to get out without damaging trucks on either side, or having to wake sleeping truckies or disturb drivers on their breaks to get them to move.

"Looking at that parking there I'd be reluctant about going in unless I used two parking bays to make sure I had enough room to get out," he said.

He said the "thing about being a B-double driver" was that they were often told where they could take their trucks into, but more often than not had to drop trailers to get out safely.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesperson said the rest area was designed to ensure the size of the parking bays were adequate for safe access to each parking bay.

"Safety of our road users is one of our highest priorities so providing rest areas is important to help reduce fatigue-related incidents," the spokesperson said.

"We work closely with local governments, community groups and industry to ensure drivers are provided with roadside rest areas and stopping places in suitable locations.

"In consultation with the Queensland Trucking Association, we identified the need for appropriate heavy vehicle stopping places and facilities in the Brisbane region, specifically heading north from the New South Wales border.

"As part of the Gateway Upgrade design process, we identified a section of land near the Nudgee Service Centre that would be suitable for use as a heavy vehicles' rest stop."

QTA CEO Gary Mahon said the peak state body supports all efforts to increase the number of rest areas and particularly the high quality ones.

"However we do not contribute to the design which would be beneficial," added Mr Mahon.

Member for Nudgee Leanne Linard said the Palaszczuk Government had built the rest stop while work was underway on the Gateway Upgrade North project.

The new rest stop reportedly offers a "convenient stopover spot close to the Port of Brisbane, Trade Coast and Brisbane Airport" and includes 25 parking bays suitable for a range of heavy vehicles including trucks, caravans and buses.

It also has outdoor seating areas, shade, water, lighting and a pedestrian connection to the Nudgee Service Centre.

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